Tips and Travel Guide: Waves Waterfalls? Be Amazed in Laswitan in Cortes, Surigao Del Sur

You’re absolutely right!!! We’ve seen this beautiful and unique lagoon on Jessica Soho’s YouTube Channel. Maybe many out there not heard about the Laswitan Lagoon. So what’s the real excitement in Surigao Del Sur for this awesome “Lagoon” as they say?


Laswitan comes from the word “Laswit” or the splashed comes from the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The strong waves create blocked in the 20-foot black limestone, but more like chocolate to me if you see closely is simply awesome.


Laswitan is located on Cortes, Surigao Del Sur; estimated 6 hours travel time from Davao City. Surigao del Sur is situated on the eastern coast of Mindanao and faces the Philippines to the east. Locals are called Surigaonon/Tandaganon and widely spoken dialect is Cebuano or Boholano.

HOW TO GET THERE IN LASWITAN LAGOON | Let’s start our unforgettable journey!

Peter Paul Namit, one of my colleague, organized our getaway escapade at the Laswitan Lagoon. For a group of 15 persons, like us, you could pay at least P12,000.00 for the day tour package (that includes fare from Davao to Laswitan, vice versa).

It’s approximately 6hrs traveled from Davao to Laswitan Lagoon. So, we decided to leave at exactly 11:00 PM (PST) heading to our destination and safely arrived at 5:00 in the morning.

We need to walk approximately 300 meters go to Laswitan site, the road going to Laswitan is not paved but it is accessible. If you go there during rainy season just expect a muddy road.



The entrance fee is 25 pesos per head and the cottage fee is 200 pesos.


I suggest go exercise first or go to jogging if you have to plan to go here. My other friends complain and some of the other tourists are tired of 100 stair steps or more before you go near to the shore.





After you survived the 300 meters and 100 stair steps. It’s all worth it if you see the unique 20-foot rock formation located near the shore and splashed by the sea water coming from the other side.




TIP #1: We planned to come early because my friend told us that the cottage is very limited. I think cottage there is 6 to 7 only, It is a big NO reservation! First come, first serve basis. And even we arrived so early, there’s already another group of backpackers.


We are lucky because we’re in cottage 2 fronting at the main center of Laswitan lagoon. We manage to make breakfast and lunch for ourselves, but no worries if you have no food because there is a few stores have a ready-made food for you.



The splash of the waves of the Pacific Ocean hit the limestone creates cloudy-like form into the sky then falls over into the lagoon.




TIP #2: If the waves continuously approaching, just hold on to the rope full of floating balls for so that you can’t sweep by the waves and there are possibilities to smash your body into the limestone.



TIP #3: If this is your next get-away summer destination, this is not a perfect fit. Visit Laswitan from October to March, or during the Amihan season, when the waves are stronger. Much stronger the waves are more shout of joy and excitement you get.




For swimmers there’s a lagoon has a deeper part, enjoy jumping and to dive-in. For non-swimmers there’s another lagoon over the ridges, this part is the perfect pool to dip in and enjoy the splashed by waves too. And there’s a life jacket and life buoy (salbabida) anyway.



TIP #4: Bring a trash bag/big plastic bag. Why? The cottage is limited, but there is a table without a ceiling. We are lucky because we have a cottage. Unfortunately, the others are not so if the rain comes their bags, gadgets, and foods are getting wet.





TIP #5: Perfect time to go in Laswitan is 5:00 AM until 12NN. Because at 3:00 PM the waves come low tide. If the nature calls you, go to the comfort room before 10:00 AM or 12NN because that is the time the others go home or go to leave. Because if you are on a tour package the time is limited. There are only 3 comfort room cubicle and only one toilet bowl. YES! you hear it right! only one toilet bowl. Explode it or Hold it make your choice.


The care takers and watchers are very passionate about their jobs. They always look at the people that swim into the lagoon, kids or adults. And the one their leader always reminds us to hold the rope, do not climb into the limestone, and ask if we are okay after the strong waves impact falls over us if we have a wound or injury. From the beginning, we arrived until we left, the leader always talks and talks use a megaphone to remind the people to take care with love. And that makes me proud to be a Filipino.




The local government has been promoting Laswitan. The lagoon is so huge in that it can fit up to 300 people maybe even more! Visit Laswitan in Cortes, Surigao Del Sure. Choose the Philippines.


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